Bowling on Heavy Oil lanes- All you need is Best High Hook Potential Bowling Ball

Before assisting you out with the Best high hook potential bowling ball; let us know the basics of the game which includes the terminologies and technicalities being commonly used in the bowling game. The sport bowling itself needs no introduction; as a person must have played the target sport as a recreational activity somewhere or the other. With technology in hands, one must have played it on the handset or 3D version of it on PC or elsewhere. It is regarding the Bowling balls that a layman does not have any clue.

The composition of Bowling ball

Best high hook potential bowling ball

Ten-pin bowling has holes for two fingers and the thumb whereas five-pin bowling, candlepin and duckpin have no holes and is smaller in size.

  • Coverstock

The Coverstock refers to the outer shell and the part that is visible to the naked eye. It is this part which makes contact with the lane surface and is basically of following types:

  1. 1. Plastic– Very smooth surface and friction are least. Hook potential is also the least and as such are great for the beginners.
  2. Urethane- Much more durable and offers more friction. Higher hook potential when compared to plastic.
  3. 3. Reactive Resin- Offers greater friction, hook potential and pin action. Intermediate or advanced bowler id required for the same as the ball needs more control
  4. Particle (Proactive) – Most friction is available on heavily oiled lanes. This ball is considered a must for intermediate and advanced bowlers.
  • Weight Block

The weight block of the bowling ball refers to the inside of the ball. The two main types of weight blocks- High Mass and Low Mass

  1. High Mass- Usually placed close to the shell of the ball
  2. Low Mass- Placed towards the centre and middle of the ball and helps increase hook potential

A lot of technology is behind making a Bowling ball and these also have varied performances on distinct lane surfaces which are wooden lane and Synthetic lane. The oil patterns like Shorter, Medium and long oil patterns are there, this is where the hook potential makes its impact. And for better performance, one needs Best High Hook Potential Bowling Ball.

Few Specifications for using or purchasing Best high Hook Potential Bowling Ball

Generally producing hook involves two basic things; one is the bowling technique which involves throwing the ball in a certain pattern. Though variations in style, technique and thumb position may vary; but to produce hook and curve demands skill.

The second way to produce hook is modifying the bowling ball which requires following parameters to be included in a ball.

  • Ideal Lane Condition should always be Heavy Oil
  • Differential suggested is around 0.055
  • The weight of the ball: 12-16 lbs
  • Coverstock depending whether is a beginner or professional
  • Core and finish of the ball also have variations suitable to the technique of the player

Online websites are also selling one of the best available in the markets. The information stated above might help for better selection of Bowling ball. So have a ball!